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Poetry is the perfume of the soul
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in morbid_poets' LiveJournal:

Friday, January 21st, 2005
2:06 am
hey well i dont think you ever look in here anymore so im just gunna leave and just say bye i loved your stuff though bye...xxxx laura
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
11:44 pm
let go[wanna be poetry]
below the surface how does it feel?
kept locked inside the deciet and decay
i long for the voids filler
and i dream of a razor
sharp enough to cut away all my numb
yet breathing in circles does not help
i lie in my own words
and i see she stands tall
as she breaks her own heart
distant callings
and satan yearns for her sadness
he toys with her mind
now shes lost in the stone house
like a hermit to the noise
i dont care to be here
i just dont care to be gone
wounded and bleeding
she screams for real love
then love walks up
and tells her to suffercate
so she draws in her last and final breath
then holds it as she starts to hallucinate of her lover....
cold under the knife
but warmed by the touch
the red comes through her smile
her eyes do not cry
just fast enough to realize shes been long ago dead
she was never real
just a thought
just a pain
just a razor calling for the pain
1:55 am
my dreams are stuck in your teeth
she always looks down
then she never notices the stares
and she breathes out purple shadows
in the wind like a raw way to exhale
the reason you notice shes so pale isent because shes goth
its because shes sick
sick with a disease of self injury
those cuts never counted as more than
a way to cry
soft spoken the creator made a mistake
and she had to pay
the demon always snuck up on her
whispered pretty haunting things
and then left
leaving a aura of just what she felt inside
a real reason to let the red flow
she followed the razors shine
until she bled into the next light
the light that made her disapear
and now finally she has nothing to think about
the last time she looked up
the mirrror cut her wrist

[this is not a real poem its just quick thoughts]

Current Mood: angry
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